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Noisy miners are one of our most notable and sociable species of honeyeaters these Australian birds are also known as a Soldier bird and are one of our most prolific birds within its range. If you were to here a disturbance within the natural world around you rest assured the Noisy miner will be at the center of it all, calling to all of his kin and yes they will all arrive. It is not an uncommon site to see a Noisy miner create a panic over the discovery of a bird of prey, a Goanna or even a Tawny frogmouth and the ensuing commotion will result in three or four dozen of these Australian birds turning up to this one request for back up.

During the breeding season the female Noisy miner usually lays four eggs and these are creamy white in colour with reddish brown speckles. When the nestlings hatch often a female will have up to two dozen males of this species of Australian bird helping her with the rearing of her offspring.

In Queensland this Australian bird can often breed throughout the year but in the cooler parts of its range the breeding season for the Noisy miner is normally from June through until December.


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Noisy miner

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